Catalog of natural earthquakes located in the NE Czech Republic

by Z. Sýkorová, J. Pazdírková and the IPE-MONET Team

Masaryk University Brno

Sýkorová Z., Pazdírková J., Zacherle P., Vlach R. and Špaček P., Catalogue of natural earthquakes in the NE Czech Republic IPE-MONET. https://doi.org/10.48790/2D3W-4X62

correspondence to spacek@ipe.muni.cz

This is an openly shared catalog of natural earthquakes located by MONET+ seismic network in the NE part of the Czech Republic and adjacent parts of Poland. It includes all located earthquakes from 1996 and is updated every year since 2018. More details are given with the catalog (link below). Basic information on the target region and its research can be found here.


Since 2020 the production of this catalog is supported by the GEOBARR research project.

In 2018-2020 the production of this catalog was supported by the CzechGeo research project.

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