CZEQ Catalogue

Catalogue of Earthquakes in the Czech Republic since 2000

by seismological services of IPE MU Brno and IG CAS Prague


IPE MU Brno and IG CAS Prague, CZEQ Catalogue of Earthquakes in the Czech Republic since 2000.

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CZEQ is the catalogue of earthquakes with epicentres in the Czech Republic since 2000. It is compiled from individual catalogues of the Institute of Physics of the Earth, Masaryk University, Brno (catalogues IPEC, IPE-MONET, KRASNET, Temelín and Dukovany) and Institute of Geophysics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague (catalogues GFU and WEBNET). Many earthquakes are then re-evaluated, e.g. using additional data or other location method. The final catalogue includes earthquakes with local magnitude 0.5 and greater (in West Bohemia earthquake swarm area north of 50.0N and west of 12.6E with local magnitude 1.5 and greater). It is updated annually. The current version covers data for the period 20002021.

CZEQ Catalogue, version 2023:

The map shows tectonic earthquakes (orange) with magnitude ML ≥ 0.5, in West Bohemia north of 50.0N and west of 12.6E with ML ≥ 1.5, for the period 2000–2021. To illustrate, the map also includes significant undergound mining related events (cyan); they are presented without parameters and are not part of the catalogue. Origin times are given in the UTC world time (CET - 1 hour, CEST - 2 hours).

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Funding and Credits:

Since 2020 the production of this catalog is supported at IPE by the GEOBARR research project.

In 2018-2020 the production of this catalog at IG and IPE was supported by the CzechGeo research project.

We thank the partner institutions operating the stations whose records we used for event location: IRSM CAS Prague, IGN CAS Ostrava, Technical University Ostrava, ZAMG Vienna, BGR Hanover, University Jena, University Leipzig, University Munich, ESI SAS Bratislava, IG PAS Warsaw.

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